Mantra – Inner Strength

The last song written for this album reflecting some tough times in our family, and my personal reflections on resilience. Seemed like the right tone and bookend companion with Life and Death which ends the album. Adversity can bring out strength that you don’t know you have until you need it.

Natural Instincts Within

Each journey begins with a first step, and a life well lived can come from putting one foot in front of the other, and accumulating small milestones in order to achieve a bigger end game. We all have it in us if we can channel our natural instincts.

On the Jetty

Images, sounds and smells can help your brain recall a place and time as if you were there. The sanctuary of a peaceful and calm place in my mind is better to me personally than any god I have heard or read about. 

I am grateful that many will draw comfort from religion, and I am humble enough to know that nobody knows the truth – so it doesn’t hurt to pray just in case.

All Things Are Equal

I wrote this song after watching a program called “Bullied” on ABC TV in Australia which was presented by Ian Thorpe. They created a situation where other kids were encouraged to stand up for those who were being bullied which made me think about how difficult it was for me as a child to have the courage to stand up.

More conversations are required to make it easier and normal for all to callout bullying behaviour.

“Wiser people still they grapple – conscience takes it’s time to find you. You can turn away or choose to step towards.”

You’re Welcome Here

Inclusivity and welcoming those who don’t fit in is inherently natural to most people when a person in need is in front of them. Many a time our doors and eyes are closed to those in need and they need to be invited in.

World That I Live – Break Me From These Chains

Both historically and currently, life seems to carry on in war torn countries. Those who have little hope still find something to believe in and demonstrate amazing resilience. 

I am blessed to have been spared this fate in life, and am in awe of those who find the strength and courage to live their lives under challenging circumstances.

Just Look Around

Wherever there is war, there are those from within that advocate for peace. There is a deeper purpose and reason that they must draw on to drive them forward, whether it be love for country, blind faith, optimism or any combination of these and other factors.

History shows that the success rate can be variable yet it is in our best interests for peace advocates around the world to win.

No Matter What I Do

Relationships are complex things, and I was trying to imagine the tension of being in a damaging relationship where somebody withdrew survive, but the slimmest glimmer of optimism and hope was enough to keep the flame alive.

Two Breaths

A song about someone in denial that their relationship is over even though their partner is long gone. Like faith in religion, the optimism that a loved one may come back can at times sustain but also paralyse. Sometimes all you have is the space in between two breaths.

Breathing Out Breathing In

We are all dependent or impact others in society with how we behave. What is good for individuals may not be good for all so there is a balance needed to allow us to co-exist in the world.

The line “Don’t let the cookie crumble” reminds me of “don’t let the bubble burst” in Taxi Mary by Jo Jo Zep. It may have been a subconscious tribute!

Trying Way Too Hard

When you can’t find something, a useful strategy is to stop looking and put your mind to something else. You will either then find what you were looking for – or perhaps if you move on without finding it, it wasn’t worth the effort.

World That I Live – The Sun and The Wind

Imagine getting to 70 years old and realising that you had foregone many opportunities in life to chase material belongings. Too many take too long to realise what is important in life – I am trying to get the balance right and hope I find this enlightenment much earlier in life journey.

Life and Death

I wrote this song in 1990 (our band Seventh Wave used to play it!) reflecting on the fragility of life.

I recently reworked it with a lot of percussion and largely vocal backing after listening to a podcast about how Harry Belafonte songs were recorded and arranged in the 60’s.

Acceptance of what is beyond our control, and not taking life for granted is what I’m reminded of when I listen to this song.