Background to Rise and Shine

"If there is an overarching theme to this album, it probably is gratitude. The songs span a writing period of 17 years, with It's Gonna Rain Today and Best Day of My Life from the Two Macs last album being revisited.

In mid 2014, a new burst of inspiration came and with it a bunch of new songs came very quickly. No sooner had I finished this album, the green shoots of the next album arrived in my subconscious.

I also took the opportunity to throw myself in the deep end and teach myself how to shoot and edit video - each video getting slightly better technically than the one before.

Having 15 songs allowed me the opportunity to weave together the new with the old - and explore some variety of musical styles within the country pop mode.

I can always find fault if I look hard enough, but overall I am proud of how they hold together as a first effort after a long hiatus from songwriting."

Sean Power - October 2015

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