Background to “New Leaf”

“Most of the songs on this album came together from October 2015 to January 2016, but there were 2 songs that I couldn’t quite get to fit.

By the end of 2016 the songs Dusty Road and Promised Land which I had been working on for the next album were sounding finished to me, so I played with the running order and found that they fit well with New Leaf.

Compared to Rise and Shine, this album felt more introspective in some ways, as I tried to put myself in the shoes of many more characters and explore human emotions in more depth. Stories featured more in these songs, often inspired by people I read about.

Mercey Lane is a fictional song and place where a young couple met, and is the cornerstone of their journey through life and love. High Cost to Pay is about another couple struggling to balance the sacrifices made for work with a fulfilling home life.

Some other songs were more personal to me, with Colours and How the Story Ends coming from my direct reflections on life and family.

As most of these songs have been finished for a year, it’s great to have them out in the open now.”

Sean Power – January 2017

New Leaf – song by song descriptions