Background to "Blindsight 2020"

"As I was completing the writing for my second country album New Leaf, I had a number of songs written for what will be my 3rd country album (current working title Follow the Sun).

What became apparent is that I had a few songs that were not going to work for a country music project, with some being more abstract in lyrical style, some with more of a pop / rock feel, and some with more of a percussion / acoustic feel.

Blindsight 2020 is the collection of pop / rock songs, and is the first of a trilogy I hope to release in 2018 - with Follow the Sun (country) and Worlds of Many (percussion / acoustic) in final stages of mixing and vocal touch ups as I write this note.

The song by song will give a sense of the specific motivations as I was writing, however the underlying theme that permeates through the whole album is politics - both Australian and international. With so much happening in the news, there was a rich vein to tap into.

More than any of my previous releases, this collection of songs is far more infused with key musical and songwriting influences like Squeeze, Split Enz, Elvis Costello, and Paul Weller to name a few.

Writing songs for this album has opened a new world of opportunity to continue exploring different musical styles going forward."

Sean Power - March 2018

Blindsight 2020 - song by song descriptions